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“Mojo” is one of those unique words: we know what it means but can’t readily explain it. Heralded by tribes in the Congo to blues legend Muddy Waters to Austin Powers, Mojo in its purest sense is a positive force; it is strength, momentum, good luck, power and the “essence of success” all rolled into one.

Enter Business Mojo: Achieving Success Through Mystical Exploration, co-authored by the sister and brother writing team Judy Smith and Dan Smith. For both ‘believers’ in New Age ideas or businesspeople who’ve never given thought to anything but the bottom- line, Business Mojo will open your eyes to possibilities, and bridge the gap between the mystical and practical. Read more

About Judy and Dan Smith

Judy Smith’s story is a classic American Dream. With only a high school degree, she began her career performing menial tasks for a publishing and advertising company. Divorced with 2 very young children, she slowly rose to executive level at the firm, ultimately leaving to begin her own direct mail company. Taking risks and fearlessly adhering to her dream of success, her tiny company ultimately became the largest direct mail company in Pennsylvania.

Dan Smith founded Smith Publicity in 1997, but his road to publicity was anything but typical. A former college basketball player, he spent nearly 15 years working in higher education, marketing and advertising. In "previous lives" he repossessed cars, dismissed students from college, and even officiated at paintball combat games. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

Judy and I are the first to admit we’re not business geniuses. Both of us have, however, done something truly exciting and wonderful: We made something out of nothing.

Judy, a single mother of two at the time, ventured out on her own and ended up creating one of the largest direct mail houses in Pennsylvania. I remember visiting her at the beginning. Read more

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